Kocsis Technologies, Inc. is a full service manufacturer of piston accumulators. We design and manufacture piston accumulators at our facility located in Alsip, IL. Our standard offering includes 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 psi rated models in capacities from 1 quart to 50 gallons. We have also extensively designed and manufactured custom accumulators for various applications. Our offering includes units made of stainless steel, carbon steel, plated carbon steel and aluminum ranging in pressures from 1000 psi to 30,000 psi. KTI’s most recent upgraded test facility is capable of testing multiple very large accumulators at high pressures to minimize test times and maximize safety. This is ever apparent in our competitive pricing and lead times. When it comes to accumulators, Kocsis Technologies, Inc. is the industry expert.


Hydraulic Starters

Often imitated but never duplicated, The Hydrotor® hydraulic starter is definitely the original.  In 1990, Kocsis Technologies, Inc. purchased the American Bosch Hydrotor® product line from United Technologies Corporation.  Since that time, Kocsis Technologies, Inc. has been providing reliable engine starting in the harshest environments.

The hydraulic starter is a fixed displacement piston motor that translates pressure and flow into torque and speed.  Manufactured using the highest grade materials and extreme precision, the KTI Hydrotor® provides years of low maintenance and dependable starting.



KTI offers several options when it comes to control valves. For those who are looking to actuate the hydraulic starting system manually, the two main options include foot pedal actuated and Bowden wire actuated valves. For operators interested in controlling starting system actuation via HMI (panel interface), KTI offers several options of solenoid operated valves that meet industry requirements including explosion proof.

The soft engage valve is a pilot operated valve mounted between the control valve and hydraulic starter within the starting system. As the system fluid passes through the control valve, a small amount of oil is delivered to the starter allowing the smooth engagement of the pinion gear and the flywheel ring gear. Once the gears mesh, the valve opens completely and delivers full system fluid. The result is a smooth, powerful engine start.



The Kocsis Technologies, Inc. hand pump is a manual pump capable of regenerating system pressure for a starting attempt. Equipped with a 3 foot lever, the manual pump operates on “human” power and can recharge an hydraulic system in a black start condition. The Kocsis Technologies, Inc. hydraulic starting system is the only one capable of recharging manually, making it the most favorable option when it comes to emergency starting applications.

Offered in numerous variations, the Kocsis Technologies, Inc. recharging pump is driven by some form of prime mover (engine PTO or electric motor) to recharge the hydraulic starting system for starting attempts. Featuring a built-in unloading valve, the recharging pump unloads when system pressure has been reached. While in this state, the pump is fully lubricated and can run for hours without issue.



Fluid cleanliness not only improves the life of a system, but it also increases reliability. KTI filters provide a couple of options to help fight contamination without adding significant fluid restriction. Both equipped with 40 micron ratings, the in line high pressure filter and low pressure suction t-filter provide the system with the necessary filtration for dependable starting.



KTI offers a full line of reservoirs in various capacities including 4, 7.5, 12.5, and 15 gallons. Our tanks feature painted heavy gage steel with a fully removable lid for easy maintenance. The filler breather cap is made of high quality chrome plated steel. Each tank includes an easily readable sight level gauge which conveniently allows the monitoring of oil in the system.



Kocsis Technologies, Inc. offers several accessories for use in hydraulic starting systems, including stainless steel, glycerin filled pressure gauges along with a full line of mounting brackets. Each accumulator, pump and tank can be mounted safely and securely using KTI brackets.