Go From Off To Immediate On - Here's Why

Save $70K+ in Fuel Per Trailer Each Year

Maintaining equipment readiness means you significantly reduce idle time ... and fuel costs.


Reduce Fleet by $100K+ Per Unit

Since HSST doesn’t rely on Tractor PTO for starting sequence, you don’t need as many tractors. You can reduce your capital equipment investment, saving $100,000 per tractor.


Gain Efficiency and Production

HSST eliminates up to 2400 hours of idle time per year per tractor while reducing engine wear-and-tear. This translates into fewer scheduled maintenance intervals and less downtime.



Black Start Capable - Can Be Operated Via PLC - Epoxy Coated to Prevent Corrosion - Smaller CO2 Footprint - Decreased Noise Levels - Reduced Tractor Traffic - Less Wear on Local Roads


Get Started And Get Restarted - How It Works


  1. Connect hose from the control manifold pressure port to the starter’s pressure port.
  2. Connect hose from the skid’s return line to the starter’s return line.
  3. Fill the hydraulic reservoir.
  4. Fill the fuel tank on the diesel-powered recharge assembly.
  5. The accumulator will be shipped pre-charged from the Kocsis factory.

Get Started:

  1. Start the small diesel engine on the skid via either push button or pull start method. The skid is now charged and start ready.
  2. To perform a start attempt, the end user must actuate the control valve remotely via PLC.
  3. After the start attempt, the system will take one minute to recharge and ready itself for another attempt.

Get Restarted:

  1. The system is already ready to reboot!

Note: HSST will remain pressurized for as long as the application requires. Min and max system pressure set points are field adjustable.


About the HSST System Components



  • The prime mover of HSST
  • Contains pressurized fluid that will be delivered to the starter to start the engine
  • Designed and manufactured by Kocsis
  • Capacity can be optimized to meet application crank requirements
  • 3rd party approvals available: ASME, CRN, ABS, DNV

Control Manifold

  • Maintains system pressure and sequences start events
  • Includes integrated filtration loop
  • System pressure bleed and accumulator isolation capable
  • Field adjustable recharge set points built into system
  • Cartridge design eases maintenance
  • Includes integrated test points

Diesel-powered Recharge Assembly

  • MAWP: 3000 PSI
  • Max Flow Rate: 10 GPM
  • Electric and recoil start
  • Min operating temperature: -13F
  • Used to initially charge system
  • Allows for manual recharge if needed


  • Rated for mobile applications
  • Each system comes with a dedicated reservoir to eliminate cross-contamination of hydraulic fluids



Approximations for cost savings for one frac trailer with HSST over the course of one year.

  • If operational time = 4,000 hours
  • Idle time = 25% of operational time
  • Idle time per year =1,000 hours
  • Idle fuel consumption for CAT 3512 = 15 gallons per hour
  • Total idle fuel consumption per year = 15,000 gallons
  • Cost of diesel = $2.00 per gallon
  • Total fuel cost savings per year per trailer = $30,000
*The parameters are simply assumptions and can be manipulated to fit customer requirements. This case does not account for the maintenance and tractor savings that will occur when a Kocsis HSST system is installed.